Medtronic put its Ventilator Business activity to an end

Medtronic put its Ventilator Business activity to an end

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🙏 Hello medical community.

⏩ Many of you have heard about the recent announcement from Medtronic that they will be winding down and exiting their ventilator product line.
For AIRFAN it is time to honor and look back at the tremendous positive impact they have had on patient care over the years.
We can only be thankful for the work they have accomplished by their staff during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, devoting all their energy to deliver their ventilators at all costs.

⏩ Since 2004 AIRFAN has worked in a close cooperation with them in order to design some of the most well-known and reliable ventilators in the world.
Our deep and strong partnership was reinforced during the COVID-19 crisis when they agreed to share their technology in order to help everyone build their own life support ventilator to get through these difficult times.

⏩ We will be committed to assisting them to honor their service and support obligations.
We are proud to have been one of their main partners during all these years and wish them all the best.